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    Data. Greener.
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    Residential buildings in the US spend over $250 billion on energy.
    GreenAnalytix helps these homes save money and energy.

    Perform statistical audits at fraction of the cost of on-site visits to target the most promising buildings first.

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    More than 37% of that energy is wasted.
    Enough to power the entire economy of England for a year.

    GreenAnalytix can help you recover this waste by identifying the buildings with the most to gain from retrofit.

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    Residential energy use contributes 1.2 billon tonnes of CO2.
    Over 50 billion trees would need to be planted to offset this damage.

    Perform statistical audits at fraction of the cost of on-site visits to target the most promising buildings first.

Zero-Touch Energy Audits

Our patent-pending software can perform thermal efficiency audits in seconds without the need for expensive or time-consuming on-site visits.

Retrofit Targeting

We provide retrofit targeting strategies to help you prioritize buildings with the most to gain from retrofit.

Retrofit Scenario Planning

With many efficiency upgrades to choose from, we provide cost-benefit analysis of different retrofit options to make sure you save the most.

Our Green Platform

Minimal Input Data

Our algorithms require just three easily obtained inputs: GIS, climate, and monthly utility bill data.

Cloud-Based Energy Modeling

Our cloud-based platform can perform thermal efficiency simulations for millions of buildings in just a few hours.

Targeting and Scenario Planning

We provide recommendations of buildings to prioritize and which upgrade options are most cost-effective.

What We Offer

GreenAnalytix provides a wide range of energy efficiency products and solutions.

Zero-touch Energy Audits

Forget expensive and time consuming energy audits. We can assess the energy efficiency a building in fractions of a second with minimal inputs.

Big Data Analytics

Combining massive energy consumption, GIS, and climate data sets, we can produce accurate energy models of any building.

Reduced Form Models

Instead of requiring hundreds of building parameters that slow computation, we need only minimal input data to produce accurate audits.

Retrofit Targeting

Improve your retrofit conversion rates by targeting buildings that have the most to gain. We can tell you where to start.

Scenario Planning

Our platform helps you choose the best retrofit options by providing detailed cost-benefit analysis from potential retrofit scenarios.

Scale Free Modeling

Whether it is a single building, a city block, or an entire metro region, we can process millions of buildings in just hours.

Verified Accuracy

We've tested and verified our algorithm to ensure 95% accuracy.

Climate Independence

From the coldest winters to the warmest summers, we can assess the thermal efficiency of buildings in any climate.

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Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings


GreenAnalytix brings together a world class team of experts in energy modeling, big data analytics, visualization, and business.

Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi


Mohammad is a PhD candidate at MIT in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with a background in heat transfer and molecular and computational fluid dynamics. He integrates multi-scale modeling and finite element analysis with machine learning methods to unravel global energy efficiency issues.

Jake Sobstyl


Jake is an S.B. Engineering Sciences Candidate at Harvard University, research assistant at MIT, and is starting his PhD at MIT in Civil and Environmental Engineering in Fall 2014. His work focuses on applying statistical physics, Big Data, and visualization methods to problems related to sustainability of cities.

Jameson Toole


Jameson is a PhD candidate at MIT in the Engineering Systems Division with a background in physics and economics. He is a member of the Human Mobility and Networks Lab where his research leverages Big Data to understand how cities function and how to make them safer, more sustainable, and better places to live.

Franz-Josef Ulm

Science Advisor

Professor Ulm is the George Macomber Professor and Faculty Director of Concrete Sustainability Hub in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT. He is the world leading figure in construction materials, has published 150+ papers, authored 3 books, and several patents in the field of mechanics of building materials.

Marta C. González

Science Advisor

Professor Gonzalez is the Gilbert Winslow Career Development Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her work integrates methods of complex systems with statistical physics approaches, computational sciences, geographic information systems and network theory to characterize and model human dynamics.

Carlos Herrera Yagüe

Technical Advisor

Carlos is a PhD candidate at Univesidad Politécnica de Madrid and an MIT Big Data Fellow. His work so far has been focused on social networks defined by people's communication and how do they relate to human mobility.

Awards and Acknowledgements

GreenAnalytix has been named a semi-finalist in two of the nation's most prestigious clean energy competitions.


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